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Recharge the Energy in Your Body at the Cellular Level

Recharge the Energy in Your Body at the Cellular Level

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In 1949, a Scalar researcher named Galen T. Hieronymus received patents in three countries for a scalar device that could detect and measure elements contained in people, plants, and animals. It seemed all he needed was a photograph of a person to determine the emotional and physical health status of that person. He monitored the health of the Apollo 11 crew with great accuracy while they were in space simply by monitoring their photographs. He measured organ function, vital signs, emotional status and more.

He, however, was in his lab – on earth. Galen also successfully formed nutrients in an agricultural field. His scalar instruments had the ability to form nutrients by joining together the elements that make up plant nutrition. An additional function of his instrument allowed him to literally fragment soil-based organisms that could damage crops. His unique way of crop management with light energy still exists today. Instruments known as “cosmic pipes” are used in Europe for 100% organically grown food. Vast fields of organic food can be grown this way simply by harnessing light from the sun and stars with a scalar instrument. As fascinating as this may sound, what you learn next is even more intriguing.

His patents and research were gifted to a curious young man who followed the work of Nikola Tesla. This man would take the work of this great scientist and breathe a whole new life into it. Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher, humanitarian and predecessor of the great Galen T. Hieronymus. Tom has continued his work administering “Scalar Light” ™ to photographs for 30 years now.

As you may have gathered with the work with the Apollo 11 astronauts, the photograph appears to act as your body double. Changes in your state of being are reflected in the photograph continuously. With this incredible patented information and a hunger for using technology to serve humanity, Tom has now created several programs that enhance the spiritual, energetic and physical state of being. He does this simply by directing this light-energy to your photograph.

Scalar energy is known as the unified field, the ether and by many other names since Nikola Tesla first harnessed it and called it radiant energy. Ancient traditions have been moving energy for better health for centuries. Decades ago, Tom experimented fragmenting molecular bonds of germs, heavy metals, and chemicals with his instruments using photographs that would be sent to him. Photos began pouring in from all over the world. Every day Tom would receive emails from people who claimed they felt better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some claimed long term symptoms they had were gone. Some even shared testimony of better blood sugar. Renewed energy, resilience to stress, better sleep, and even changes in mindset were just a few of the benefits that people noticed who provided their photo for the trial. But, how could this happen? It’s not a miracle. It’s simply science…quantum science.

Tom Paladino is the foremost authority on scalar energy phenomenon and he hosts a weekly LIVE Q & A session so you can ask questions and learn more about scalar science that has been hidden from the history books. Tom offers a 15-day trial to anyone interested to experience the benefits of his Scalar Light Standardized program. There are no visits to an office and you don’t even need to leave your house. Simply upload a facial photo and healing light-energy is administered to your photograph every day during your 15-day trial. NO COST. NO OBLIGATION. Join the LIVE Q & A every Thursday at 8 PM EST.

Meeting ID: 606 270 3050.
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