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    Why Partner with Essential Naples Magazine?

    Well, we’re more than just a magazine to run your print ad in. We’ve got you covered in print, web, email and social media. Here’s how:

    • Write and submit your own articles building your reputation as an expert – WHAT?!? Have you ever heard of another publication that offers this?
    • Facebook & Instagram making you crazy? We got you – FREE promotion on any of our social media sites linking to your website.
    • Struggling to build an email list? CHECK! – FREE monthly eblasts to our entire list of 25,000 practitioners and readers.
    • Capitalize on the thousands of people that visit WWW.ESSENTIALNAPLES.COM each month by featuring a banner ad linking to your website.
    • Sell out your event with free listings in our Happenings Monthly Event Section in print.
    • Network with other holistic businesses, PR and social media experts, web developers, graphic designers and marketing consultants to build your business.

    Essential Naples and our sister publication, Natural Nutmeg has over 20 years combined experience in amplifying our client’s brands and driving their businesses to new heights and we’re the only print magazine in the greater Naples area that devotes all of its editorial, content and advertising exclusively to local natural and holistic practitioners and businesses.

    Our team forms a true partnership with you to elevate your image and empower you to reach your true potential.

    Essential Naples Magazine is THE local resource for health and environmentally conscious readers who desire a holistic, natural lifestyle and the advertisers who want to reach them. The magazine offers cutting-edge, timely information on natural health, wellness, green living, nutrition, fitness and organic products and is a free monthly publication distributed throughout the greater Naples area.

    Over 250,000 readers pick up Essential Naples each month, making it the perfect place for you to introduce your specialty or a new modality, brand your practice or business, or simply sell a product or service. Most readers say they read the magazine cover to cover and they keep all of our issues for future reference.

    Market Segment:

    • Gender: 77% female readers
    • Age: 35-65
    • Income Level: Average household incomes > $200,000
    • Purchasing Power: Women make 80-90% of household purchasing decisions
    • Readership: 81% of our readers say they never miss an issue; 95% read the magazine cover to cover

    Testimonials about Essential Naples and our sister publications:

    Osteostrong started advertising with Essential Naples Magazine this year and within 2 months we saw an ROI of 10x our investment! We essentially invested about $500 in advertising and generated $5000 in new revenue. That is quite a feat!

    We love the networking opportunities and have met many amazing practitioners that we exchange referrals with to help grow all of our businesses. Diane and her team have cultivated a wonderful community-based group of holistic practitioners and I recommend working with Essential Naples to grow your practice too.”

    ~ Cheyene Andrade, Osteostrong

    Diane and her staff work to create a network of contributors who all work together to present the best Southwest Florida has to offer for essential living!

    Advertising in Essential Naples is a holistic experience! It is more than the typical transaction that many publications provide. Essential Naples is helping me build my new business. It’s a pleasure to be part of Essential Naples!”

    ~ Nancy Gerald – Owner, Our Yoga Place

    “I already have one new client from the first issue of Essential Naples – even during COVID-19!

    I love how the first issue turned out and am happy to be a part of the growing holistic community in Naples. I was able to get even more exposure by doing a podcast with Dr. Diane and have even started my own podcast!”

    ~ Denise A. Pancyrz, Diabetes & Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Owner, Reverse My Diabetes

    “As a result of my exposure in Natural Nutmeg I am receiving an average of 25-30 calls per week for patient appointments and workshop attendance. This more than pays for the cost of my ad. I would highly recommend advertising in Natural Nutmeg.

    It is worth every penny spent to work with people who have integrity and whose goal is for the greater good, not to mention being part of a community of people who want to save the world in whatever way they can.

    Thank you Diane and Chris, my practice would not be what it is today without the support of Natural Nutmeg and the exposure it brings.”

    ~ Deanna M. Cherrone, MD – Owner, Natural Health & Healing

    “If you want a magazine that is noticed and helps connect you to your clients, this is the arena to be part of.

    I am thrilled with the class and content of Essential Naples. It really embodies the culture of this town. Dr Hayden’s passion is invigorating and Essential Naples is rising fast amongst its peers.”

    ~ Nina Azwoir, First Vice President, Wintrust Investments

    “I have been advertising and writing for Natural Nutmeg for over 13 years now. I consistently get patients who tell me it is where they found out about Naturopathic medicine and my office. The March 2013 issue of the magazine had an article I wrote about autoimmune diseases.

    I received the biggest response in the shortest amount of time. I have booked over 20 new patients in 2 weeks from that article. And one new patient from an article I wrote for the magazine well over a year ago. Of all the marketing media I have tried, advertising and writing for Natural Nutmeg is by far the most effective.

    Diane and Chris do a great job and are great to work with.”

    ~ Ann Aresco, ND – Founder, ProNatural Physicians Group

    “You and your team did an AMAZING job!

    From getting our material turned around so quickly and your willingness to work with us…simply phenomenal. The article, ad, community resource listing….everything is perfect.”

    ~ Kerri Johnson, RN, EMBA – Founder & CEO, GOMO Travel

    “I have been an advertiser with Natural Nutmeg magazine for over 4 years and recently placed an article in the magazine as well. The response from one article and my consistent advertising in Natural Nutmeg completely exceeded my expectations!

    In a little over a month, I received 13 new clients and many of my current clients tried a new service due to the article. This resulted in close to $14,000 in new revenue, not to mention the potential in referrals and ongoing revenue that this will generate in the future.

    This is, by far, the best form of print advertising I have ever done. I would definitely recommend it!”

    ~ Melissa Martin – Owner, Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center, LLC

    Our role is simple….We educate target audiences and move them to act!


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