Radio Frequency: A Non-Surgical Alternative to Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency: A Non-Surgical Alternative to Skin Tightening

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Losing elasticity and seeing some laxity in your skin? You aren’t alone. In our lower to mid 30’s the quantity and quality of collagen production in our cells begins to decrease, leaving us wishing for the days when our skin stayed firm on its own without our hands helping it in our bathroom mirror. We rely so much on collagen to give us our youthful appearance. Being as it is the most common and abundant protein in the body, it creates the framework and structure for our skin and gives us the firmness we seek.

How can we get it back naturally once we begin to lose it? Radio frequency is the key. As the technician rubs the modality of choice over the skin, it gently releases energy in the form of electromagnetic waves into the dermis and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissues), which then stimulates collagen.

How Does Radio Frequency Work?
A deeper level of the skin is heated to 122-167 degrees Fahrenheit (or 50-75 Celsius). Maintaining a temperature of over 115 degrees Fahrenheit for over three minutes causes your body to release heat shock proteins which leads to tissue remodeling resulting in a tighter, smoother, more lifted appearance. It can even break down fat (facial and jawline slimming) and adipose tissue (the turkey neck we all complain about).

Where Can It Be Used on the Body?
Anywhere! The eye area, neck, jawline, and crepey arm and knee areas are some of the most popular body parts we treat. It can also be used to tighten your thighs, abdomen, and back and can even tighten skin from weight loss and surgical procedures.

How Else Can Radio Frequency Be Used?
In tandem with multiple hand pieces, you can even use microneedling with radiofrequency to enhance your effects from a procedure you already know and love. It can also be used to reduce lumps from fat removing procedures and other surgeries.

What Does It Feel Like and is It Safe?
It is a very comfortable procedure! It feels no warmer than a hot shower and is usually described as feeling like a hot stone massage. It is a very low energy of radio frequency that gets released (1 billion times less energy than an x-ray for example) and is similar to texting on a cell phone or being in a home that has Wifi.

This is a great alternative for those who aren’t willing or ready to go under the knife or for those looking for a more natural alternative to injectables. Just because the body slows down its collagen production doesn’t mean it can’t be kicked up a notch.

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