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The Toughest Lesson I Learned as a Single Woman

The Toughest Lesson I Learned as a Single Woman

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At age 40, single and heartbroken, I wondered if the pieces of my life would ever be put back together again. Questions of what my future would look like bombarded my mind. Would I be alone forever? Would I be able to trust, love, and share my life with another person? Would my heart open to love ever again? I enjoyed being married and believed that I was with the person I would grow old with. Would I grow old alone now?

As I began to experience the single life and the dating world, I quickly realized that there were many people who were unfulfilled, broken, and had the idea that their life would be AMAZING when they found that special someone. They were so incredibly lonely they jumped into any relationship just to fill the emptiness they were experiencing.  I knew these ways of thinking were LIES and only created a cycle of relationship to relationship that always ended in heartbreak.  I decided that I would take steps toward personal healing with the guidance of God and many amazing people He placed in my path to avoid making these destructive choices.  I knew I needed to be whole in my body, soul, and spirit so I could experience the healthy and fulfilling relationship I desired. My single life journey of healing and desire for others to experience a healthy and fulfilling relationship is what birthed my Relationship Secrets for Singles.

Four Relationship Secrets
Secret 1: Steps to heal past hurts so you are ready to love the love of your life.
Secret 2: Discover destructive patterns you are in and learn steps to change them.
Secret 3: Create healthy dating habits.
Secret 4: Learn to self-love so you attract the person who deserves you and will love you.

Believe it or not, my years of being single may have been the best opportunity for me to become the person I needed to be to experience the most fulfilling relationship I desired. My journey of self-discovery and healing created a passion to help others. My desire is to guide you on YOUR journey of healing to become the individual who can wholeheartedly love, be loved, and experience the fulfilling relationship you are longing for. My loving ability to see your heart, your strengths, and your weaknesses along with my personal experience allows me to help you move from dating the wrong people and heartbreak, to the fulfilling relationship you desire and deserve. I believe the value and attractiveness of a person deserves to be recognized and cherished by another. You will experience this after intentionally taking steps to self-evaluation, self-love, healing, and personal growth that transform your thinking. You will break through self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from finding that amazing relationship.

My story continues on with the extreme joy of experiencing a relationship better than I could imagine. People used to ask me, “Why are you still single?”. I would reply, “Because He just hasn’t found me yet!” Looking back, we can see how God was preparing us for each other; He had to work on us individually. Our heart’s desire is that the lessons we learned would benefit many others. I keep asking him, “Why did it take you so long to find me?”.  We laugh together and know that it was perfect timing and part of the process.  The toughest lesson I had to learn as a single is that it’s NOT about finding the right person, it’s about BECOMING the right person!

Dana Lee is a Certified Life Coach and owner of Relationship Secrets for Singles. If you’ve almost given up and need someone to come alongside you, send me an email and we can set up a free online zoom “Meet N Greet” session to see if this program is a right fit for you.