9 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium for Hormone Balance

9 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium for Hormone Balance

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Magnesium is an important mineral involved in thousands of reactions in the body. It plays a crucial role in the production of your hormones and can help to balance the stress response.
You can think of magnesium as your calming and relaxing mineral. Providing your body with the magnesium it needs to properly function can also help in weight loss and achieving a healthy body.

It helps to loosen tight muscles, maintain the health of our muscles (including our heart, the most important muscle), prevent migraines, balance blood sugar, and ease anxiety due to its role in our stress response. Magnesium can even ease the symptoms of PMS.

Will Magnesium Aid in the Balance of Hormones?
Yes! There are many benefits of magnesium for hormone balance.

The question we need to be asking is:
Do I need to support magnesium levels in my body?

This is taking a root cause approach when it comes to understanding our health and hormones. When we answer this question, we are understanding what is driving the imbalance (which is showing up as symptoms in the body). By addressing the root cause, not simply the symptom (or the hormone imbalance), we can find long-term, sustained healing.

9 Benefits of Magnesium

  1. Supports sleep
  2. Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  3. Supports optimal thyroid function
  4. Supports phase 2 estrogen metabolism
  5. Supports the stress response
  6. Supports healthy ovulation
  7. Has a key role in sex hormone production
  8. Supports healthy serotonin levels
  9. Helps alleviate muscle cramps as well as period cramps

Does Magnesium Help with Testosterone Levels?
Yes! Magnesium indeed cranks up your testosterone levels. The sneaky villain here often is a magnesium deficiency, which can quietly sabotage your testosterone. Moreover, magnesium keeps in check the sex hormone binding globulin – a potential handcuff to your testosterone. So, boosting magnesium is like giving your testosterone a VIP pass to soar.

It’s impossible for humans to be in several places at once, but for an essential nutrient like magnesium, it’s a job requirement. At a cellular level, magnesium is involved in carrying out hundreds of different processes simultaneously throughout our bodies. In fact, without it, our bodies would completely shut down.

How Can Floating Help?
Floating is a wonderful way to bring your magnesium level up and keep it up. It has been scientifically proven that one can absorb up to 27% of their bodies needed magnesium with a one-hour float. One can maintain a healthier body by floating twice monthly, improving their immune system and overall health.

There are many benefits of magnesium for hormone balance and weight loss. We delved into some of the benefits of magnesium, but remember that every body is unique. The main benefits when it comes to magnesium for hormone balance are supporting sleep, blood sugar levels, the stress response and hormone metabolism, to name a few.

Start improving your health today – make your appointment to float for a healthier YOU.

Keep in mind that prevention is less expensive, both monetarily and physically. The fact is that over 87% of Americans’ bodies are seriously low in magnesium, and what better way to spend 60 minutes than floating for your health? Call today to for your appointment to start your journey on a healthier YOU.

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