Your Healthy (and Delicious) Honey Journey for the New Year

Your Healthy (and Delicious) Honey Journey for the New Year

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The New Year. So full of promise…a veritable clean slate. Most advertisements and editorials center around New Year’s resolutions. We make them with the best of intentions. It’s nice to feel like we are turning over a fresh page, wanting to work toward adopting some new, healthy, better habits. For instance, is journaling something you are thinking of doing? You buy an inspirational new journal and resolve to write entries daily. You start off strong. Somewhere in late January or early February, things get busy, and you decide you’ll catch up next week. Weeks turn into months, and the journal has made the transition to a notebook for “to-do” and shopping lists, “notes to self,” and reminders, until finally, it makes the transformation to humble scratch paper. Some resolutions are destined to crash and burn.

A New Year’s Agreement
Maybe the answer is to pinpoint one achievable resolution—let’s call it an agreement—with ourselves. If that agreement includes eating and living healthier, why not include honey in the mix? Honey is nature’s gift to us…something super good for you—which actually tastes delicious! You may say you’re not a “honey lover.” But before you make that definitive statement, you might want to stop into Grand Central Honey. The difference between the processed honey you may have tasted previously and the raw, artisan honey we carry is like night and day.

We pride ourselves in being Honey Matchmakers. Here, you can try any honey—and we have many—and together, we can narrow down the contenders for your perfect honey. We’re almost certain we can find one for you that addresses your health goals and appeals to your taste buds. This one tweak for 2024 is not one you’ll dread (hello, gym…). It may even start you on a quest to try more and more types—a honey journey, if you will. It’s like wine tasting…but with none of the downside!

Infused Honey? Don’t Mind if I Do!
Do you like cinnamon in your coffee? Instead of sugar and cinnamon, why not try a cinnamon-
infused honey? It will sweeten and balance the taste—without sugar! Are you a tea lover? There is quite a variety of loose organic and some flavor-infused tea bags and K-cups. Are you looking to increase your protein levels? We recommend pollen—it is great sprinkled on a salad, in cereal, in smoothies—you name it. Many of our customers swear by the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey. It contains a natural organic compound, methylglyoxal, and we carry different strengths (measured in MGO and UMF levels—stay tuned for a future article about Manuka and its amazing resume). Serving the simplest of cheese trays or the most sophisticated charcuterie board? Try an infused honey—we have hot honey, whiskey, and bourbon, wood-smoked, and other flavors that elevate any hors d’oeuvres to another stratosphere.

Care Products for the New Year and a New You
Along with honey, we carry a nice selection of elixirs and honey-based throat sprays, calming sprays, and tonics with ginger (great for gut health). Elderberry, which has been getting great press as an antioxidant powerhouse, is the star ingredient in many of these products.

How about skincare? Have the late nights of the holiday season revelry taken their toll on the look and radiance of your skin? We have a brilliant line called Beeline Skincare, which is so simple yet effective in dealing with the various problem areas you may want to address. It’s not a complicated, 90-step program—on the contrary, it’s so easy and time-saving for busy people, and it really produces visible results in keeping skin looking hydrated and healthy.

We stand ready to assist you in keeping your healthy resolutions—and introducing you to some new and interesting tastes! May 2024 be your best year yet!

Cindy McCartney, owner of Grand Central Honey, invites you to experience a truly interactive, informative, and delicious experience with some fun tastings. Everything in the store is dedicated to the amazing contributions honeybees make to our world by pollinating our food sources. Grand Central Honey vets each brand they carry to ensure customers are buying pure honey. They are located in Naples at 4444 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 2, and open 11 am to around 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Visit: grandcentralhoney.com and find them on Instagram and Facebook.