The Ultimate Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Program

The Ultimate Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Program

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Peripheral neuropathy is a complex condition. Finding the root cause, the extent of the damage, and to what types of nerves or blood vessels the damage has been done is how a comprehensive plan is customized to regenerate a patient’s nerve cells and tissues. Conventional medicine has no answers. It’s either live with it or take addicting medications for the pain.

Very few physicians are trained to treat the condition. Success ideally involves the collaboration of medical personnel, chiropractic and or physical therapy personnel, and functional neurology. At Feel Amazing Institute, this is what we offer.

What Is the Ultimate Neuropathy Program?
At Feel Amazing Institute, we were the original clinic to create a comprehensive neuropathy program back in 2006. There was a learning curve, and results varied at first. After 16 years of experience, becoming board-certified in functional neurology, and becoming medically integrated, my clinic has it down to a science. In 2017, my office was one of the first in the country, and I believe it is still the only one in southwest Florida, to offer regenerative medicine and natural biologics as options for peripheral neuropathy. To date, this has been the most significant endeavor to enhance results for our clients.

All Neuropathies Are Not the Same and Require Different Programs
Because what works well for one person may not necessarily work well for another, it’s never a good idea to depend on just one or two treatments. It’s just as easy to combine many types of treatments to improve the chances and level of success. The treatment must also be individualized and specific.

The Ultimate Neuropathy Program should include advanced technologies performed at a physician’s office and treatments for self-care at home. It may consist of vitamin and wellness infusions to enhance the body’s internal environment for healing. It may also include light therapies, electrical therapies, sound and pressure wave therapies, pulsed electromagnetic field therapies, regenerative medicine options, and lifestyle and nutritional recommendations.

Many clinics do a Toronto Clinical Neuropathy Score (TCNS)— a simple neuropathy scoring system based on neurological history and physical examination approaches that includes symptom, reflex, and sensory scores used in diagnosing and assessing the severity of various types of neuropathies, including peripheral neuropathy.

Other clinics will do an infrared heat map of the feet, which uses LED lights in the infrared and red range of the spectrum to deeply penetrate and reach muscles and nerves. The infrared light increases the blood flow, providing the nerves with oxygen and nutrients, which reduces pain and gives temporary relief.

Regardlesss of the method used, without extensive neurological training, the interpretation of the score and image is key.

What to Do, What Not to Do, and When
Is the neuropathy peripheral or central? Large nerves or small nerves? Motor, sensory, autonomic, or all the above? One nerve or many nerves? How will the treatment differ if it’s both feet, both hands, equal damage bilaterally, or worse on one side? How will the treatment differ if there is burning pain, numbness, loss of balance, weakness, or complicated by back pain or stenosis? What if the neuropathy affects the entire body? Is there a treatment for that? Yes, there are several.

Our clinic has a very sophisticated computer analysis that measures peripheral nerve function, peripheral vascular function, and central nerve function, with a score for each and an extensive report breaking down the many physiological and metabolic components. The test can be repeated after a treatment regimen, and the improvement can be measured and quantified.

What Modalities Are Used for Improvement?
These are prescribed on an individual basis after a thorough assessment:

  • Five different electrical therapies
  • Four possible light therapies
  • Four types of vibration therapy
  • Class 4 high-powered lasers
  • Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
  • Soundwave/shockwave/pressure waves
  • Ozone therapy and/or peptide therapy
  • Spinal decompression therapy (often not needed)
  • Natural supplementation and/or vitamin wellness infusions
  • Injections or infusions of natural biologics, including Wharton’s jelly allografts, growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma

What Results Can Be Achieved through the Ultimate Neuropathy Treatment Program at Feel Amazing Institute?
Our patients report that better than 90% have excellent results. Most who undergo the treatment experience reduced pain, reduced tingling and numbness, the ability to experience touch without pain, decreased cold or burning sensations, improved balance and coordination, lowered dependency on medication, improved sleep, relief of restless legs, reduced swelling and inflammation, and improved muscle function.

A significant side benefit of the treatment is that it significantly reduces the risk of falls by improving balance and position awareness of the feet.

Feel Amazing Institute is equipped to diagnose and help a wide range of conditions that include:

  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Severe neck and back pain
  • Shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain
  • Hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain
  • Headache, dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems
  • Disc bulge, herniation, sciatica, or stenosis
  • Auto accident, whiplash injuries

If you need a highly experienced chiropractic neurologist in Naples, Florida, look no further than Feel Amazing Institute.

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