The Incredible Healing Modality You’ve Never Heard Of

The Incredible Healing Modality You’ve Never Heard Of

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Our energetic field and our energy body require healthy hygiene, just as our physical bodies do. We brush our teeth and clean our bodies, clothes, and food, but we do not put much thought into cleansing and maintaining our energetic bodies and the surrounding field, which constantly feeds us physically and emotionally. 

Everything starts in our energy field and, over time, manifests into our physical body. Therefore, the sooner we start balancing and tuning our energy, the sooner we may feel better physically and mentally.

The “biofield” refers to our body’s complete electrical system, including the current that runs through our body and the magnetic field that surrounds it, which extends 5–6 feet around our body and 2–3 feet above and below our body.

The biofield is dynamic, constantly moving and evolving in response to our environment and our connections with others.

Our biofield is connected to our memories and our conscious and subconscious mind. These memories can leave an energetic imprint in your biofield that can be triggered in many ways, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, pain, insomnia, and so on.

Biofield Tuning is a frequency therapy method that works directly with our biofield. Just as we brush our teeth and shower to clean our physical bodies, we need to be aware that our energetic body requires tuning and cleaning for a better physical response.

Biofield Tuning has a profound impact on each individual based on what they need in that moment. Remember that energy works in mysterious ways, and you will always receive what you need at that time to help you attain a better quality of life. 

What to Expect During a Biofield Tuning Session
The client lies fully clothed on a treatment table. The practitioner will activate a tuning fork, then scans the biofield slowly, finding the edge of the field about six feet away. The practitioner is then feeling for resistance in the biofield and listening for any change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork and the vibration. 

Sessions can also be conducted at a distance, during which the client may choose to rest comfortably in their home, or go about their business as usual—those clients generally do appreciate the opportunity to relax and enjoy the session.

When an area of resistance is encountered, the practitioner will activate the tuning fork and hold it in that spot to break up the density of the energy being contained there. After a while, the body’s intelligence will tune itself using the tuning fork’s vibrational frequency. This helps release tension in the body so we can relax more, breathing becomes more freely, and on many occasions, a resolution of our symptoms is reached during the session. Other tools and modalities are sometimes needed to assist with the more resistant symptoms.

Biofield Tuning is such an effective modality that it may stir up very intense, emotional memories. The client should be prepared for the possibility of confronting some long-since-buried parts of their past.

A simple way of describing Biofield Tuning is to think of it as “consciousness hacking” to help make a positive change in one’s life. 

Dr. Di’s Testimonial
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of a Biofield Tuning session with Zel Rau, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. While I don’t often write articles about my experiences with healers, my session with Zel was so extraordinary that I felt compelled to write about it.

If you’ve never had a Biofield Tuning session (and, like me, I imagine many of you reading this had probably never even heard of the modality before), I strongly encourage you to explore it. I left my session with Zel with a deeper understanding of the traumatic life experiences I’d had and why my soul chose this path.

The best way to describe the session is like a life review from conception until about four years prior to your current age. Zel intuitively knows which ages you experienced a trauma, and let me tell you – she was spot on for me with every single age. Here is a brief synopsis of the ages she intuited and how we worked through the trauma.

  • In utero – my father had a serious car accident
  • Age 9 – I was bullied by a group of older girls
  • Age 13 – I discovered one of my parents was having an affair
  • Age 16 – My boyfriend was cheating on me
  • Age 18 – I had an unexplained illness
  • Age 20 – I was involved in an interracial relationship that my parents did not accept
  • Age 27 – My father passed away unexpectedly
  • Age 29 – I called off an engagement
  • Age 31 – I failed my first dissertation defense
  • Age 42 – I got divorced
  • Age 49 – I was betrayed and ended a long-term friendship

As Zel began work to clear the trauma, something else happened that was a first with any intuitive I’ve ever worked with. She told me a male figure was communicating with her from the other side, and he wouldn’t let her continue until she passed the information to me. She went on to perfectly describe my father, who has never shown up in any other session I’ve been in since he’s been gone—over 27 years ago. She described his personality to a T, and the message he had was exactly what I needed to hear. I could even feel his energy as she relayed his message to me.

One of the amazing things I learned about some of the experiences I’d been through is WHY they happened to me. When Zel spoke about the affair, she described the situation exactly as it played out, and the reason it happened was that they were soul mates. There was no way this affair could have been avoided because my parent and this person had a soul contract for this lifetime.

With that understanding, I’ve now been able to forgive and let go of the anger I’d been carrying for all these years. My soul chose this experience so I could become more compassionate and understanding.

After the session, I left feeling lighter, joyful, peaceful, and with more clarity about my life than I’ve had in years. I will definitely be back—this truly was one of the best healing experiences I’ve ever had.

Energy Spa is owned and operated by Zel Rau. Zel was first exposed to Reiki energy work 12 years ago, and soon after, she became certified as a Master Reiki Healer. As she is still growing and expanding her knowledge of Biofield Tuning, she is beyond excited to bring it to you. Reiki and Biofield can be performed in-person and remotely, making
it available to anyone interested in trying it, even from the comfort of their home.

Text 219.381.9777, email: bekind111@yahoo.com, and visit: zelrau.com for more information.