Infoceuticals Are the New Way to Eliminate Pain and Balance the Body

Infoceuticals Are the New Way to Eliminate Pain and Balance the Body

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In our Spring issue I interviewed Mindy DiPietro, owner of Aesthetic Treatment Center, to discuss the fascinating field of bioenergetics and the extraordinary new technology called the NES Bioenergetic System. She is the first practitioner to bring this technology to Naples, and I was excited to be one of her first clients to have an assessment and experience a treatment in her center. The article discussed the basics of Bioenergetics and an introduction to the NES System. This follow-up article expands on the NES Infoceuticals, proprietary liquid remedies that correct information in the body’s control system to support its self-restoring abilities.

What Are Infoceuticals?
Infoceuticals are liquid remedies designed to be taken at home in an ongoing daily protocol. In part, Infoceuticals address the body’s energy environment turning on its self-repair system. Most of the Infoceuticals are provided by NES health practitioners only after a bioenergetic wellness assessment has been performed.

Encoded with corrective information that helps the body return to a more optimal blueprint for health and wellness, Infoceuticals are based on proprietary and extensive mapping of the human body-field over the past 30+ years. Infoceuticals have undergone numerous studies that show their efficacy and even now are undergoing further research. Just one example is a study in which those who started with low, self-reported wellness scores saw over 100% increase in these scores after just one Infoceutical protocol. 

Each Infoceutical is imprinted with specific bio-information to support various organs or systems of the body. Their success lies in resonating with healthy aspects of the body, guiding anything unhealthy back to a more ideal state through the power of resonance.

The secret to correcting the body’s control system lies in the information imprinted in these remedies. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and microminerals, and they’re imprinted with specially modulated photons and magnetic fields under a high-voltage electrostatic charge. This sets up specific resonant qualities to support improved function in the body.

The Professional Infoceuticals
These Infoceuticals are only available via qualified and experienced health practitioners and coaches.

  1. Energetic Drivers: Designed to support the strength of your body-field so that it can drive communication and the correct movement of energy in the body. They correlate to major organs and systems that power the overall body-field and may need correction for doing so.
  2. Energetic Integrators: Designed to support the information pathways of the body for better communication and improved efficiency. Each Integrator correlates with several major organs, tissues, and systems in terms of how they should communicate and supports this critical process.
  3. Mind–Body: Designed to help the body process unresolved emotions caused by stress and trauma. These emotions block the free flow of energy and information and need to be cleared out of the body-field for healthy body function.
  4. Energetic Terrains: Designed to support the information pathways associated with the body’s healing processes. When this information is compromised, the body may fail to heal or cause additional problems when trying to heal itself.

The “Feel Good” Infoceuticals
“Feel Good” Infoceuticals can be purchased through practitioners at any time, with or without a scan. Ask Mindy for a free account to purchase Feel Goods. These Infoceuticals can be thought of as general lifestyle or home remedy solutions, and you’ll want to keep some on hand for everyday use. Here are just a few of the types that are available:

  • CFI (Cold, Flu, and Immunity Support): Supports the body’s natural ability to recover from cold and flu symptoms by supporting the healing process of related tissues. May provide relief from fatigue, promote drainage, and re-tune cellular function. Supports lung and large intestine meridians.
  • Chill: Encourages a calm mental state and the release of emotional and sensory data. May be helpful when suffering from constant, long-term stress, especially from worry. May assist those who struggle to fall asleep due to tape loops of thoughts they cannot shut off.
  • ESR: Supports the release of emotional stress, soothes the digestive tract, and may assist in the absorption of nutrients. In addition to taking with water, ESR may be applied topically to areas of physical trauma.
  • Fat Metabolism: Helps to correct and normalize liver function, hormonal activity, and metabolism of fat. Supports the nervous system and may encourage appetite regulation.
  • Female: Supports female endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and well-being.
  • Male: Helps support the correct male endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and well-being.
  • Sleep: Promotes balanced sleep cycles and regulation of your body’s natural rhythms. May have a harmonizing effect on the body’s entire energetic system. Use 3–4 times throughout the day, with the last dose before bedtime to reset your sleep cycle.
  • Youth: Addresses aging of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as age increases. May affect melatonin production. Corrects the effects of radiation from the sun and other sources. Helps to ease electro-sensitivity for all ages, senility, mental confusion in older people, poor sleep due to melatonin deficiency, degeneration of tissues, and X-ray exposure.

It was recommended I take the following Infoceuticals: Liver 2 and 3, Circulation, Chill, and COH. The Liver Infoceuticals was an obvious recommendation; however, when Circulation came up it was referring to ligaments, tendons, and joints, because of my ongoing knee pain. I’d also been having trouble sleeping and had been under some moderate stress with my business, so it was no surprise that Chill was recommended. COH was a surprise to me as that relates to toxicity in your environment. However, living in an older home in Florida, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were some mold or water issues going on.

After taking the Infoceuticals for two weeks, I noticed a definite improvement in my sleep and reduction in stress. After the treatment Mindy had given me previously for my knee when I had already noticed immediate improvement, I’m happy to report that I’ve had no further issues with it—very likely due to the support of the Infoceuticals.

It was refreshing to me to see a technology that truly works with the body’s energy systems and observes energetic effects within the body. Life starts with information, which guides energy, which then becomes organized matter. This technology, therapies, and philosophy take all of this into account, to measure and correct fields that drive physiology and encourage lifestyle choices that support good health.

Mindy DiPietro has been CEO at Aesthetic Treatment Centers, in Naples, FL, where she led the development and execution of the spa’s business strategy and ever-growing vision. She is now the first practitioner to bring the NES Health System to Naples. She utilizes this innovative technology and nutritional support to naturally increase your quality of life. Mindy guides you to reestablish trust in your body and helps you to unlock your body’s natural healing abilities. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Mindy DiPietro began her career as a speech and language pathologist in the Collier County public school system, where she worked closely with her patients to analyze, identify, treat, and help prevent communication disorders.