Discover the unique ambience, breathtaking scenery, and unparalleled seed-to-table cuisine of Winvian Farm Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

Discover the unique ambience, breathtaking scenery, and unparalleled seed-to-table cuisine of Winvian Farm Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

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Located in the Litchfield Hills about two hours from NYC, there is a quiet place surrounded by woods and lakes. Spanning 113 acres of fresh-air surroundings and serene environment, Winvian Farm was built to help visitors relax and indulge their senses with the help of warmth and treats that come in the form of grand cottages, a spa, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Behind this estate lies the story of many families who have lived and sustained themselves through all kinds of fruits, vegetables, poultry, and livestock that thrived there. Once called the Bird Estate, the place had already been an establishment for lodgers in the past. It wasn’t until 1948 when the Smith family bought the property and named it Winvian—a combination of the names of Winthrop Smith and his wife, Vivian Smith.

A lifetime, eighteen luxury cottages, and a suite later, Winvian Farm has become the wonderful getaway that it is today, where the body can rest and the mind is free to play. At the threshold of the woodlands there are 18 individually designed, resort-style cottages and the luxurious Hadley Suite, each promising a whole new experience for guests. The spa and the 40-foot swimming pool are great spots to spend entire afternoons. A renowned chef handles the 5-star farm-to-table restaurant.

Maritime Cottage in the Woods

Our Maritime Cottage is an ode to Connecticut’s historic lighthouses, set far from stormy seas in the northern woods of Winvian Farm. Maritime boasts clean nautical colors, abundant sunlight, a wood-burning fireplace, fabulous barrel-roofed bathroom, and dramatic, teak-lined round bedroom.

Follow the edges of the forest to find eighteen completely unique cottages and a suite that guests can opt to stay in. While all cottages are nestled within woodlands and meadows, each one has a different story to tell. After all, these cottages have been individually designed by fifteen different architects.

Winvian Farm: Made for Romance
Indeed, those meticulously and charmingly designed cottages of ours ensure a vacation like none you’ve ever experienced before. Take the Helicopter cottage, which comes by its name literall—your well-appointed lovers’ nook in this case encompasses a restored 1968-vintage Sikorsky Sea King Pelican HH-3F Coast Guard chopper.

Or bask in each other’s company in the Litchfield Hills canopy courtesy of Treehouse, where you’ll reawaken the boundless imagination of childhood while luxuriating in such very grown-up pleasures as fireplaces (one for each floor), a jetted soaking tub, steam shower, full bar, and king-size bed, all cast against the sylvan backdrop of the arboreal cottage’s 35-foot-high vantage.

Or perhaps you’ll choose Stone, that slate-roofed stonework refuge that seems to rise out of the very ground itself, or the New England lighthouse recreation of Maritime, or the perpetually summery haven of Greenhouse. From classic New England country retreats to whimsical fantasylands, there’s a Winvian Farm cottage suited to just about any taste, mood, or occasion, and despite their diversity, each one comes imbued with genuine warmth and a first-class inventory of luxury amenities.

Fresh Fruit

Like many of Executive Chef Chris Eddy’s creations, this plate of fresh fruit sprinkled with colorful petals is so visually appealing, it looks too good to eat. But don’t let that stop you from trying this and Chef Chris’s many other beautiful signature dishes.

Our Cottages

  • Artist: An entire bungalow of charming arts and crafts contrasting the Connecticut woods and meadows. It has three airy rooms, all connected with arched doorways, and an area of 890 square feet that comes with a wood-burning fireplace, a hot tub, and a steam shower.
  • Beaver Lodge: A two-story cottage made of wood and stone built beside Beaver Pond. The cottage is all made of interlocking sticks with a master bed, a spiral staircase, and a table for two. It has an area of 1,250 square feet with a wood-burning fireplace, steam shower, and waterfall hot tub.
  • Beaver Lodge

    Beaver Lodge is a splendid, two-story sanctuary of wood and stone on the edge of Beaver Pond. A dome of interlocking sticks canopy the master bed, trees rise to the ceiling, and a spiral staircase winds around the tree trunk to the loft, where a table for two overlooks the forest below.

  • Camping: An indoor campsite that has a tented, king-sized bed. It has an arched ceiling that mimics the sky, in that it’s blue during the day and starry at night. It is 950 square feet and has an inside/outside wood burning fireplace, a steam shower, and a hot tub that looks and feels like a hot spring. This accommodation is also handicap friendly.
  • Charter Oak: This one is for honeymooners—a 1,300-square-foot retreat that takes the form of a very spacious silo or barn structure, built around a gigantic oak. It feels like a tavern inside, complete with a wood-burning fireplace, steam shower, and waterfall hot tub. In the living area is a leather sleeper sofa and a wet bar. Going up the stairs will lead to a king-sized bed and another fireplace.
  • Connecticut Yankee: Using Twain’s classic as an inspiration, this cottage has a New England clapboard theme on the outside and is filled with rich fabrics, stunning antiques, and a herringbone fireplace that makes it feel like a king’s chamber on the inside. The bathroom has slabs of rock that make the surroundings of the bathtub look like Stonehenge. This 950-square-foot royal domain also has a hot tub and steam shower, and is dog friendly.
  • Golf: As the name suggests, this 900-square-foot distinctive clubhouse is the golf lover’s choice. It has a great view overlooking the meadows, lush carpets of green that complement the living room’s wood-burning fireplace, and a bathroom with a steam shower and a hot tub.
  • Greenhouse: This 1,050-square-foot cottage makes every season feel even more amazing. There’s wicker furniture and a fireplace in the living room, and going through the glass doors leads to the patio, which in turn leads to the forest. The cozy bedroom also has a fireplace of its own.
  • Hadley Suite: A beautiful retreat set upon the 1775 Seth Bird House. It offers guests an experience with the original historical site while still having the comforts of a modern world, such as a flat screen, wet bar, hot tub, and more. The 960-square-foot space is filled with many 18th-century icons, from the four poster bed and crimson sitting room to every single antique.
  • Helicopter: Guests can fly Winvian class in this helicopter-themed, 890-square-foot cottage, which is actually a restored 1968 Sikorsky Sea King Pelican. The rotor blades are embedded on the ceiling, there’s a fuselage for an entertainment bar, a stove for a fireplace, and a cloud for a king-sized bed.
  • Industry: This one celebrates American industry and art, featuring a double-sided gas fireplace that faces the living room and the bathroom at the same time. The 890-square-foot space is surrounded by traditional rich wood and chrome interiors as well as artifacts and paintings that represent American innovation.
  • Library: Here’s something for those who want to escape into a world of books. Filled with illustrated and literary works, this 920-square-foot space is lit by a skyline and fireplace and is surrounded with antiques. There’s a king-sized bed, a flat screen TV, and a double-sided sleeper sofa.
  • Log Cabin: This 920-square-foot traditional log cabin is made from peeled log materials. The place is filled with twig-trimmed furniture, mainly lit by a stone wood-burning fireplace, and has a king-sized bed.

These are just some of the nineteen different cottages that guests can stay in at Winvian Farm. Each cottage is rated and made available on different days of the week.

The 18th-century dining room is the place for fresh and spontaneous seed-to-table dishes made of ingredients grown in Winvian’s own gardens.

The Restaurant at Winvian Farm’s Executive Chef Chris Eddy is leading a culinary revolution with his uniquely Winvian Farm seed-to-table philosophy. The freshest, most natural, non-GMO ingredients are harvested daily to create exceptional seasonal menus for a truly luxurious fine dining experience.

Lobster Provençale

Lovingly crafted and beautifully presented Lobster Provençale is one of many unique dishes created by Executive Chef Chris Eddy.

Almost everything served in Winvian Farm’s revered restaurant is grown on our private estate in three greenhouses and three acres of organic gardens. Honey from our apiary, a henhouse, root cellar, and luscious fruit trees round out Winvian Farm’s artfully open-ended menus. Even the dining room bouquets come from Winvian Farm’s heady flower and herb beds.

It’s a small, beautiful circle from seed to table, one that creates extraordinary cuisine and points toward a more prosperous, healthy future for everyone. Winvian Farm offers hands-on cooking classes for our guests, to encourage you expand your culinary repertoire and to keep spreading the good word of truly remarkable seed-to-table food.

The Restaurant at Winvian Farm

A remarkable experience unfolds each evening in the fire-lit 18th century dining rooms of Winvian Farm’s renowned Litchfield Hills restaurant, The Restaurant at Winvian Farm, where simplicity and indulgence artfully converge to create the ultimate fine dining experience.

The wine cellar has a collection of wines from over 13 countries and 37 regions, most of which are organic and sustainable. You will find the perfect pairing, no matter which of Chef Chris’s special creations you choose.

Finally, they have a tasty collection of pastries managed by Selena Gearinger, an award-winning pastry chef.

The restaurant has a total of five AAA Diamonds and a Relais & Chateaux membership.

Winvian Farm wine cellar

The large collection of wines in the Winvian Farm wine cellar offers exceptional vintages to pair with Chef Chris’s exciting , ever-changing menu.

Activities at Winvian
The Winvian Farm Spa is a realm of tranquility and pampering, a transformative experience from the moment you step inside our 5,000 square feet of relaxation. This luxury spa is a quiet sanctuary of light and open space for individuals, couples, or groups. Trees and sky fill the great arching windows of the Meditation Lounge, where everything shimmers with the radiance of the reflecting pool.

At Winvian Farm, every day can be as active or as idle as you wish. All 113 acres of the estate are yours to play upon. Cruiser bikes stand at the ready for jaunts around the farm or around town, or enjoy a stroll to the luxury spa.


A Connecticut hideaway suspended 35 feet above the forest floor, Treehouse is a childhood fantasy turned grown-up haven. It’s like climbing into a wonderful, well-kept secret. The first floor bedroom has a king-sized bed, a gas fireplace, steam shower, and a jetted soaking tub. The second floor lounge has a gas fireplace, full bar, and grand treetop views of the New England forest below.

The woods are lovely, leafy, and deep, our lawns and meadows wide…for hiking or snowshoeing, croquet, volleyball, bocce ball, or hot air ballooning, Many simple pleasures are within a small radius of Winvian Farm, such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing, tennis, golf, and horseback riding. Or simply indulge the senses in Winvian Farm’s organic gardens.

Come wind, come weather, come sit back and relax and enjoy our full bar stocked with craft beers, single malts, and wines from Winvian Farm’s wine cellar, so you can practice the fine art of drinks by the fire with treats from Winvian Farm’s seed-to-table cuisine.

Come see us at 155 Alain White Rd, Morris, CT, or call 860.567.9600 or visit winvian.com for more information. We can’t wait to see you!