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Health Coaching: A Transformative Approach to Healthcare

Health Coaching: A Transformative Approach to Healthcare

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If you’ve lost track of the promises you’ve broken to yourself, a professional health coach could help guide and support you toward feeling like yourself again. Starting is the hardest part, but HatchPath makes it easy.

You may have heard the term health coaching thrown around a lot lately, but what exactly does it mean? In short, health coaching is a form of supportive leadership that helps people make lasting changes in their health and well-being.

Some of us feel generally lost, while others are painstakingly aware of the changes that need to be made in their lives. Unfortunately, that awareness doesn’t make implementing change any easier, and that’s where health coaching comes in. A health coach is a trained professional who can help you set goals and create a plan to improve your health and become your true self. They also provide support and accountability to help you stick to your tailored action plan.

While health coaching is an age-old practice, it’s become more prevalent and accepted in the modern world within the last few decades. Health coaching allows experts to truly practice their dexterities within their niche, conveying to those that don’t have the answers. As we gear towards a digitally dominant world, there’s also a prominent need for accessibility within the healthcare space. We naturally need to adapt without losing the sense of community and connection.

How Does a Health Coach Help?
Health coaches challenge you to challenge yourself. They ask the right questions that allow you to shatter your life’s barricades and uncover what’s really standing between you and a life of authenticity. By approaching health and wellness with supportive energy, a sense of comfort is established which creates the necessary space to unfold a strong sense of purpose.

Some coaches specialize in intellectual growth and spirituality, whereas others may center their focus on career objectives, social skills, or anxiety. A health coach will not only guide you through the actions toward inner bliss, but they will leave you with a roadmap to continue living a life of equilibrium after your program is complete.

Here are just a few of the ways health coaches can help you produce real, concrete change.

  1. Helps You Set and Achieve Health Goals
    One of the main objectives of health coaching is to help clients set and achieve their health goals. The path to better health doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, research has shown that small lifestyle changes can lead to big improvements in overall health. But if you’re someone who struggles with making lasting changes, a health coach can give you the guidance and support you need to succeed.
  2. Increases Your Motivation and Confidence
    When you work with a health coach, you’ll not only benefit from their knowledge and expertise, but also from their motivation and confidence-boosting powers! A good health coach will be able to help you see your situation in a new light, overcome any self-doubt, and find the inner strength needed to make positive changes in your life.
  3. Holds You Accountable
    A key component of successful behavior change is accountability, which is why it’s built into the health coach-client relationship. Health coaches will check in regularly to see how you’re progressing toward your goals and offer suggestions if needed. Knowing that someone is there cheering you on and holding you accountable can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your goals.
  4. Enables You to Make Sustainable Changes
    The whole point of making changes to your lifestyle is to improve your long-term health, which is why sustainable change is so important. Unsustainable behavioral changes are those that are not maintainable over time and often lead to yo-yo dieting or other destructive habits. When working with a health coach, one of their main objectives will be helping you actualize sustainable changes so that you can enjoy lasting results.

How Do I Find My Ideal Health Coach? What Should I Be Looking For?
One of the greatest aspects of working with a health coach is choice. Just as your hardships and/or goals are specific, the expertise of a coach is as well. With HatchPath, you can find experienced health coaches that cater to your specific needs.

It all comes down to connection. If you aren’t comfortable speaking and being vulnerable with a coach, they’re not the right fit for you. That’s why HatchPath allows open communication between coaches and clients as soon as the client initiates dialogue.

Sometimes our problems aren’t so clear, and that’s okay. If you’re feeling a bit lost and aren’t sure what type of support would even benefit you, you’re in good company. Finding a coach who specializes in your specific concern and meets your budget aren’t the only factors to evaluate. Consider qualities that make you feel at ease, such as patience and diligence, for example, and take those into account when reviewing different health coaches’ styles and processes.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to beginning a wellness journey is self-awareness. That’s why a new perspective is so beneficial, especially that of a professional.

Find Your Perfect Health Coach on HatchPath
With a huge community of experts in both physical and emotional wellness, there is a HatchPath health coach that can help you unveil your purpose. Find them today at: www.hatchpath.io.

Become a Health Coach with HatchPath
If you think becoming a health coach is your
calling, there’s no better time than now to kick off your practice. With the flexibility and customization of HatchPath’s platform, you can explore this new career at your own pace.

Get started for free today at: www.hatchpath.io.

Jordan is the CEO and Founder of HatchPath—an online marketplace connecting clients with health coaches. He knew that coaches were the missing link in the healthcare system, and he knew there had to be a better way to find them. Jordan created HatchPath out of his desire for holistic healthcare that works and to connect as many people as possible to the right people who can help them.

Call 239.361.6704, email: jordan@hatchpath.io, and visit: hatchpath.io for more information, and find him on Instagram: jordandunin