Fight the Flu with Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse

Fight the Flu with Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse

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Scalar light is a direct manifestation from God and thus is an eternal, divine energy that, unlike the inferior electromagnetic energy, never experiences entropy or degradation of signal. The sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe are the points of origin for scalar light. All energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; therefore, electromagnetic energy is a derivative of scalar energy. The scalar energy dimension assures perfect intelligence and harmony, whereas the electromagnetic dimension assures imperfect intelligence and disharmony. Scalar light is omnipresent and thus an infinite universe must exist in order to harmonize and complement this infinite, divine energy. Scalar light is the divine mind of God, thereby providing instructions for all spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and physical activity in the universe. Hence, scalar light is responsible for creating and maintaining the infinite universe—it brings order out of chaos.

Understanding Scalar Light and Influenza Viruses
Scalar light is responsible for assembling and maintaining the influenza viruses A, B, C and D; that is, scalar light instructs the atomic and molecular bonds of these viruses to assemble and maintain a specific, physical structure. Conversely, the negation of the scalar light instruction that assembles a virus will result in the microbe being transmuted and fragmented into smaller, harmless elements and proteins. In practice, the Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse is able to identify the scalar light signature of the viruses embodied upon a photograph of a person, animal, plant, or object; a scalar light signature is then broadcast upon that photograph, negating the scalar light signature or binding energy of the influenza virus.

Influenza viruses A, B, and C typically infect people, and although virus D is principally responsible for animal infection, serologic evidence for influenza D virus infection in humans has now been determined. Flu viruses are easily transmitted from person-to-person—a person infected with influenza can spread it to others by coughing, sneezing, speaking, or even breathing. When an infected person exhales, small droplets known as aerosols transmit the influenza viruses to a distance of up to a distance of 6 feet, thus assuring the spread of the viruses. Furthermore, the influenza virus can survive on common surfaces for as long as 24–48 hours, thereby serving to infect others who touch these surfaces. In short, person-to-person transmission of the flu viruses is assured when proper precautions are not taken. Typically, people are infected with the flu virus for 1–4 days before symptoms become apparent. During that time frame, the infected person can unknowingly infect others. While most bouts of influenza last 3–8 days, some people may experience symptoms for a longer period of time.

A Deeper Dive into the Scalar Light Pathogenic Clease
It is crucial to understand that scalar light is non-physical and that non-physical, scalar light instructions serve to negate the molecular bonds of the influenza viruses. Additionally, it must be understood that the Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse operates exclusively within the scalar light dimension, thereby providing perfect scalar light instructions to the quantum, pattern entity embodied upon a photograph of a person, animal, plant, or object. In so doing, the scalar light force fields of the photograph enjoy the benefits of the scalar light sessions.

Scalar light is an emerging science that is able to identify and correct disease patterns, pathogens, toxins, and so on that are embodied upon photographs. Specifically, the presence of influenza viruses embodied upon a photograph are eradicated, transmuted, or disassembled by the scalar light instrument. The Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse is administered by a custom-built scalar light instrument; therefore, scalar light results are specific and unique to this approach. In other words, though scalar light cannot prevent infection of the influenza viruses, a scalar light instrument is able to identify those viruses embodied upon a photograph and subsequently, the non-physical, scalar light molecular bonds of the viruses are negated by way of Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse. All scalar light action operates exclusively within the scalar light dimension, whereas electromagnetic action operates exclusively within the electromagnetic dimension. Thus, the Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse can only be understood within the context of scalar light theory.

All scalar light sessions are administered to photographs and in so doing, a scalar light instrument will influence the scalar light force fields embodied upon the photograph. A photograph of a person is embodied with the real-time scalar light signature that is identical to their spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and physical state of being, and is therefore the scalar energy copy of a person’s scalar energy pattern body.

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