Experience Luxury and Pampering at Praha Spa and Salt

Experience Luxury and Pampering at Praha Spa and Salt

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Praha Spa and Salt, owned by Oksana Acosta, is the most upscale and luxurious spa in all of Naples. The new design and aesthetics of the treatment rooms and lobby exude pampering and comfort from the minute you step in the door. Combining holistic, therapeutic, detoxification, and healing services with massage and skincare treatments, Praha Spa and Salt is the place to go for total body and soul wellness, inside and out. Oksana builds on the location, services, and eleven years of experience of Andrea and the former Salt Cave spa in central Naples. Of course, the famous salt cave is still there, so stop by to enjoy a relaxing visit to the cave and indulge yourself with a facial treatment using products from organic lines to medical grade, professional peeling.

What’s New at Praha Spa and Salt?

  • Experience Sunday yoga in the salt cave. Enjoy a slow-paced yoga class, holding beautiful poses, working on your breathing, and getting deep into some satisfying stretches. Develop your inner strength and heal your body and mind while enjoying all the benefits of the magical healing power of salt. Sundays at 11 am, $35 for one hour.
  • Rejuvenate with self-administered vitamin shots. TB12 helps the body use fat and carbs for energy and creating new proteins. Lipo-Mino Mix is a fat-burning combination to help reduce appetite, build muscle, and promote healthy immune function.
  • We are excited to introduce the G.M. Collin Skin Care line. G.M. Collin’s journey began in 1957, when Dr. Lapinet, a renowned Parisian dermatologist, pioneered the use of collagen pellicles on burn victims to help heal and regain the healthy look of their skin. Thanks to their recognized expertise and innovative ingredients, G.M. Collin develops superior skin care products, from preventive care to combating the first signs of aging in mature skin, achieving unmatched results for all skin types and conditions. Praha Spa and Salt is one of the few spas to feature this line of skin care.
  • The GMC medical skin care line featured at Praha Spa and Salt is born from their extensive expertise in clinical R&D skin care. Their scientifically proven, medical-strength formulas enhance the skin’s appearance and reduce the visible signs of aging. The ingredients are combined to provide unique, clinically proven results.

Praha Spa Bed

Beauty on the Outside
Our “Beauty on the Outside” offerings include the signature facial, Algomask facial with seaweed treatment, Sea C Spa facial with marine and vegetal ingredients, Hydrolifting facial with intense hydration, dermaplaning to remove dead skin cells, waxing, nail services, professional teeth whitening, and Collagen 90-II treatment. We also offer reflexology, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, Himalayan hot stone massage, sports and deep tissue massage, prenatal and postnatal massage, and neuromuscular and myofascial release. Our massage therapists have over 25 years of experience helping people relieve pain.

Beauty from the Inside
Our “Beauty from the Inside” offerings include salt cave therapy, which normalizes certain chemical levels in the brain to improve outlook and mood. Negative ions help you sleep by regulating your serotonin secretion, reducing headaches and sickness, and increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Our other rejuvenating treatments include infrared sauna, which promotes detox and weight loss; bio-stimulation using electrical impulses to reshape the body and reduce cellulite; neurolymphatic therapy, which increases lymphatic drainage and increases energy; compression therapy, which reduces swelling and inflammation; the ionic detox footbath that eliminates toxins; and vacuum therapy, which increases blood circulation to eliminate fats.

Praha Spa and Salt still offers biofeedback—a new field of energy medicine that addresses the electrical properties of the body through stress reactivity testing of the energy field of the entire body. Our therapy works to relieve stress, balancing physical trauma and emotional trauma by stimulating the mind to naturally balance the body. Biofeedback can provide answers to many questions such as what foods to eat, if there has been exposure to environmental toxins, and any chemical sensitivities one may have.

As the new owner of the popular salt cave, Oksana Acosta brings a youthful and vibrant approach to customer service. Her passion for self-improvement began as a youth growing up in the Ukraine. Oksana lived in Prague for many years, and in Czech “Praha” translates to “Prague,” naturally providing the name of her spa. Oksana believes in the holistic approach of equal balance of mind, body, and spirit, and she is eager to share her secrets of success in achieving and maintaining a healthy and vigorous lifestyle through the various offerings and services her spa provides.
Praha Spa and Salt is located at 4962 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples. info@prahaspa.com. 239.403.9170