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The Healthcare Model for 2024 and Beyond

The Healthcare Model for 2024 and Beyond

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Managing our health in a reactionary way can be a difficult journey when trying to bounce back from chronic disease and leads to less-than-average results.

There are significant distinctions that can be made between functional and traditional medicine providers and the type of medicine they practice. In some ways, the differences that separate these practices are not only ideological and philosophical but also education and training: while traditional medicine is largely focused on “managing” medical problems (i.e., hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia), functional medicine is significantly interesting and focused on determining the root cause to treat and possibly eliminate chronic conditions, through the promotion of lifestyles and behaviors that support overall health, emphasizing food, herbs, supplements, and natural remedies.

Our Health Future with Functional Medicine

  • Proactive healthcare versus reactive begins with information; integrative and functional medicine testing can tell us where we need to begin improving our health and reversing chronic disease.
  • Patient participation is essential to making positive lifestyle changes. Your healthcare team can test, educate, and guide you to personalize your health improvement journey.
  • Select the healthcare team that aligns with your goals because it’s important that you and your team are on the same page to set health goals, put a plan together, track your progress, and help you get to the finish line.
  • Be open to technology to help gather information. Your personal information is what helps in the tweaking process. With your team and the information, you learn how to make better health-related decisions.
  • Functional medicine physician-led consultations are where your physician looks for the root cause of the disease rather than treating symptoms with medication as your only option. Meeting with a physician for an hour versus 15 minutes leads to a significantly more individualized, in-depth, and comprehensive understanding of you.

Isn’t It Time to Transform Your Health for a Better You?
Reverse My Diabetes is also going through a transformation to CuraVida Wellness Solutions to offer more functional care. We are a virtual wellness center where we will continue the Reverse My Diabetes premium coaching program as well as premium coaching and functional medicine physician-led consultations for digestive health and weight loss.

All solutions are not equal. We’ve developed a next-step solution that gives you sustainable, meaningful, and lasting results for a better quality of life. We follow a simple three-step process:

  1. Identify root causes through integrative, functional medicine testing
  2. Set your personalized plan into action
  3. See and feel the results!

Each CuraVida Wellness Solutions premium program includes functional medicine testing and the technology to capture needed information to get you to long-term success.

We look forward to helping you change your healthcare model!

Call 1.877.CuraVida for your complimentary discovery call | email: Info@MyCuraVida.com
Visit: MyCuraVida.com.

Denise A. Pancyrz is a Diabetes Reversal and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, speaker, and best-selling author of “The Virgin Diabetic, Reverse the Effects of Type 2 Diabetes, Reduce Medication, and Improve Your Glucose Levels”, available on Amazon. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Denise was prescribed four daily insulin shots along with oral medication for diabetes and heart disease. This protocol helped to bring her glucose levels down; however, she did not feel as healthy and vibrant as expected. After changing her protocol by learning to rest and preserve her pancreas, she was able to eliminate all medication and insulin, regaining her energy. Visit ReverseMyDiabetes.net for coaching and training information, to book a free consultation, or to set up a speaking event. Contact Denise by calling 888.848.1763, or email her at: Denise@ReverseMyDiabetes.net.