The Gift of Self-Care

The Gift of Self-Care

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When it comes to healing and self-care the most effective approach would be prevention, maintaining a proper balance of our physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual state. Once past the point of prevention we may have to take more extreme measures of care. Anytime we are dealing with healing and self-care for humans we must consider bio-individuality and uniqueness of environment and circumstance before deciding a plan of action.

Pain is never comfortable however it is an intelligent form of communication from the body that tells us something is off balance and needs attention. Too often people may run to a said professional to get rid of it without ever trying to understand its source. Of course, the goal is to get out of pain and back to balance, but pain responses can feel the same even while stemming from different reasons which require different approaches. For example, bodily pain can come from under use, over use, improper use or injury.

We are living vessels functioning through organized systems and need proper fuel, maintenance, and cleaning; and failure to do so can lead to pain, dysfunction and chaos. Preventing these imbalances is fairly easy once one understands anatomy and physiology and as humans in a body, this is the most relevant science while here on earth. However, if we decide that it’s not important enough to dive so deep into the study of the human organism and its psychology, we can still apply self-care at a basic level. Eat a balanced healthy diet that makes you feel good mentally, physically and emotionally.

Let’s talk about some general approaches for particular conditions. For example, the source of pain coming from underuse will obviously be very different then pain coming from overuse. If a muscle, bone or joint becomes weak from underuse then the recommendation would be to simply use it, however an underused weakness is going to require proper care and patience while being put to use with exercise.

Overuse needs rest and rehabilitation and sometimes stopping it completely may sound good but lead to another trap. The most common is improper use. While we can attempt to use the handle end of a screwdriver to hammer something in and get away with it, it will never be as effective as an actual hammer.

How do we bring care to these areas by applying the proper tools at the proper time to the proper place? To prevent being tired from overuse we should do our best not to overwork and under sleep. To prevent being fatigued from underuse we should get good quality movement and keep the blood and lymph moving through our system. To prevent improper use, we should observe the functions of our anatomy and work carefully through trial and error. To remedy these conditions once beyond prevention; self-massage, stretching, herbal teas and poultices can be very effective.

Let’s jump a moment to emotional pain. Acknowledgment can help, yet if we dwell in the negative thoughts that drain us we can easily become addicted to these feeling and have a hard time getting out. Music that brings joy, uplifts us or helps us release by relating to the lyrics can be very powerful. Writing things out onto paper will literally get it out of the mind and out into the world. Congregating with positive people and feeling supported by a community can keep us out of depression, anxiety and many other imbalances. Drink plenty of good clean water as this is the major fuel system of our being along with nutritional foods. Activity and nature are master healers and can often take people right out of the depleting feelings and thoughts that have captured their clarity.

Giving yourself the gift of self-care is the one selfish thing that I strongly encourage as when we are balanced internally, illumined like a candle, our light will emanate and spread like a passionate wild fire burning any existing imbalance in ourselves and those around us.

Gifted with healing abilities discovered in childhood, Aaron Weston, the founder and freedom facilitator of Nourishing Necessities has trained and grown in a wide range of modalities allowing him to intuitively and intelligently integrate everything into a practical application. Nourishing Necessities, 509 Farmington Ave, Hartford. 860.655.6564