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Stop Starving Yourself to Lose Weight

Stop Starving Yourself to Lose Weight

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Do any of these statements sound like something you’ve heard before?

  • “You just need to cut your carbs!”
  • “Try the (enter fad diet here)!”
  • “Do more cardio!”
  • “Fruit is bad!”
  • “My metabolism is broken!”
  • “I have tried it all and nothing works!”

Well, these statements are false. All of them.

As a fitness and wellness expert with over 16 years of experience, I hear them all the time. It’s unfortunate that many people feel this way because in addition to being false, these statements are restrictive, extreme, and negative. However, many people believe them because of the prevalent misinformation in the fitness, health, and wellness industry.

Long-Term, Sustainable Results
Often, the so-called professionals marketing these extreme diets and products are not qualified or educated in the real scientific principles of fitness, nutrition, and recovery—and even if they are, they are taking advantage of their audience not being informed about health and fitness science. They make these bold claims to gain attention or sell a product or service—and unfortunately, it works. Many people are looking for the “quick-fix” to look and feel better; they don’t want to invest the time and energy it takes to learn about how to control their body and their health.

However, TriCore Wellness is different. We are here to help save you from the traps of fad diets, extreme weight loss programs, bogus supplements, and scare tactics that have infiltrated the fitness and wellness industry. TriCore is a wellness management company that specializes in high-performance health coaching, nutrition, and online training. We are focused on the integration of technology, health data, and professional coaching that captures and analyzes your fitness, nutrition, and recovery information to develop plans, coaching strategies, and detailed analysis that will help you achieve any health and performance goal.

Our program and our process are different. We take a science-based approach, prioritize educating our clients, leverage technology for the best possible results, and are experts in accountability coaching. We take an individualized and customized approach to managing our clients, developing customized plans and programs made specific to each client’s needs. Most importantly, we focus on complete wellness.

Losing Fat Mass vs. Losing “Weight”
Losing “weight” can mean many things. Are you losing muscle, water, or bone mass? Or are you losing fat? What exactly is causing the number on the scale to decrease? It is important to know that simply losing “weight” is not the goal—the desired result is losing fat mass. But with quick fixes and fad diets, how do you really know what you’re losing?

With our program at TriCore, we measure all of your body stats to ensure you’re losing weight the healthy way, including:

  • Muscle mass
  • Water percent
  • Fat mass
  • Bone density
  • Blood chemistry

These details are vital to ensure the program you are on is working. In addition, we track these stats to ensure you are holding yourself accountable and following our plan.

A Program That Works
When clients come to us, they are frustrated to say the least. They have typically starved themselves, increased their cardio, and placed extreme restrictions on their lives to achieve weight loss—only to discover the loss is temporary and often hitting a plateau and not knowing what to do next. This is why having a professional coach and being held accountable to a plan that ensures health and performance is key.

Tricore App

Our clients are successful because of education and accountability. We educate our clients to help optimize their metabolism…regardless of age and body type. This is a very intimate process—we need to know about clients’ lifestyle habits, blood chemistry, stressors, family history, health history, athletic history, and more! To help the person, you have to know the person—and we have a proprietary process for this. And through our program, clients discover some unexpected benefits:

  • Eat more and still lose weight.
  • Do less cardio and still burn fat.
  • Drink alcohol and still reach their goals.
  • Eat those carbs.

But don’t take our word for it. This video link: ( is filled with testimonials from clients who wanted to share their success, including:

  • Business owners who wanted to get off medications.
  • Cancer survivors who wanted to get their life back.
  • Former athletes who needed help getting back on track.
  • Healthcare workers who used food to manage their eczema and inflammation.
  • Parents who needed a simplified plan for their busy lives.
  • Former bodybuilders who realized they needed a coach.
  • People who have “tried it all, and nothing works.”

If all of this sounds like you and you are ready to take control of your health, educate yourself, be held accountable, and have a simplified plan, TriCore Wellness is your solution. We are not here for the quick fixes and a fad diets—we want to help people who want health, performance, and long-lasting results!

Chris Edwards, BS, CFT, SFN, SSN is a Fitness and Wellness Professional with over 16 years of experience specializing in personal fitness and wellness management. Chris is a graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.S. in Business Management, with a Concentration in Sports Management. He holds multiple certifications and achievements in the fitness and wellness industry and is owner, founder, and managing director of TriCore Wellness. TriCore Wellness is located at 848 1st Ave N, Ste. 220, in Naples.

For more information, visit:, call 239.877.1481, or email: