Golf Lessons Don’t Work!

Golf Lessons Don’t Work!

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Now that I’ve got your attention… Why in the heck would I say, “Golf lessons don’t work”?

Because they don’t – they don’t work IF you are over the age of 60 AND you’re taking lessons to achieve one of the following three goals: increase your distance off the tee, shoot more consistently, or be able to play more frequently.

That’s why you generally leave your lesson more frustrated than when you got there—because your golf pro is trying to get you to do something your body isn’t physically able to do! I mean, seriously – if you’re over the age of 60, why any golf pro would ever compare your swing with one of the pros on the tour just blows my freakin’ mind!

You’re Not 20 Anymore—Treat Your Golf Game Accordingly!
Our bodies move very differently after the age of 60 than they do before age 60, so why in the heck would we use a swing from a pro who’s between 20–40 years old, practices 40+ hours a week (how many hours a week do you practice?), and has an entire team to help him do his job?

This isn’t meant to be a cheap shot at the golf coaches out there – it’s not their fault. They’re experts on technique and the golf swing – NOT biomechanics. When you can’t physically get into certain positions, they simply don’t have the knowledge to re-educate your body to physically get you there.

That’s where The Berman Method of Golf Performance comes in! The Berman Method was developed specifically for aging golfers struggling with losing distance, shooting inconsistently, or simply not able to play as frequently as they’d like due to nagging aches and pains. The Berman Method focuses entirely on training you to recruit and activate your big power muscles (glutes and core) and keep them firing through the entirety of the golf swing. It also focuses on training aging golfers to improve their turn using the correct body parts (hips and upper back) to help increase shoulder turn in the backswing and clear your hips in the downswing.

“So That’s What It Feels Like!”
The most common thing I hear on the first session I have with new clients is “WOW. So that’s what that feels like…” If you don’t know what it’s supposed to FEEL LIKE to load your right leg, fire your core and glutes, generate a quality shoulder turn from the right area, then reverse all that and clear your hips so you can get back to and through the ball, it’s close to impossible to have a consistent swing. And if you don’t have a consistent swing, you can’t expect consistent results, which ultimately leads you to leave your golf lessons more frustrated than when you started.

If you’re over the age of 60 and want to increase distance off the tee, shoot more consistently, and be able to play more frequently, check out BermanGolf.com! Don’t accept that garbage golf is just a normal part of getting older. Over the years, we’ve helped countless aging Naples golfers get their bodies moving better, regain confidence and competitiveness, and, most importantly, regain their love of the wonderful game of golf!

For more information, please check out my book, The Berman Method, on Amazon, listen to my podcast, “The Long Balls Golf Podcast,” or search “The Berman Method” on YouTube, and enjoy tons of great, free content!

Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist and owner of Berman Golf, where they focus on helping aging golfers increase distance off the tee, shoot more consistently, and play more frequently. If you’re not ready to accept “getting old” as an excuse for a poor golf game, call Dr. Berman at 239.431.0232 to take advantage of a FREE 30-minute taster session!