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Feel Amazing Spine & Joint Institute

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Feel Amazing Institute in Naples, FL was formed in 2015 by Dr. Richard Hiler, chiropractic neurologist and Dawna Hiler, RN. Formerly known as Hiler Chiropractic and Neurology for 17 years, the clinic integrated into medical services after Dr. Hiler had a life changing outcome using stem cell therapy on his lower back. For the past five years the clinic’s mission is to help others who have lost hope and have suffered with chronic joint pain or peripheral neuropathy. From low backs to knees, shoulders, hips, and nerve issues, the cutting-edge therapies used at Feel Amazing Institute have helped hundreds of people get their life back.

The treatment approach is to use an arsenal of modalities and protocols to get the best outcome possible. When a patient tells Dr. Hiler they’ve already tried spinal decompression, or chiropractic, and it didn’t help, he inquires, “Well, did you try spinal decompression combined with stem cell allographs, exosomes, nano particles, ozone, prolotherapy, peptides, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet poor protein concentrate? Did you use horizontal (electrical) therapy, infrared therapy, PEMF therapy, lasers, acoustic waves, and physical reconditioning along with the chiropractic?” The approach may sound complicated but the professionals at Feel Amazing Institute will streamline the process to make it doable, affordable, and effective.

Dr. Hiler stresses the importance of treating the condition and the environment surrounding the condition to optimize the healing process and treat the whole person to transform each patient’s overall health status. For instance, the hip has 21 muscles crossing the joint, the knee 11, the shoulder has 14 movers and 7 stabilizers. We must address the length and strength of each muscle and the neurology that integrates with the function of that muscle. It is not optimal to just put stem cells in the joint or PRP and hope for the best.

Regarding peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Hiler performs a comprehensive neurological examination of sensory, motor, and autonomic peripheral nerve function, as well as the central neurological nerve control of the brain and spinal cord. Dr. Hiler developed the first comprehensive therapeutic program for peripheral neuropathy in SW Florida in 2005. He returned for 5 additional years of neurology training and received his board certification in functional neurology in 2013. In 2017, he developed one of the first regenerative cell treatment programs in the country using stem cell allografts. His first case study in 2017 was a 91-year-old patient that could not feel his legs for more than three years. After Dr. Hiler’s treatment he was feeling his legs again in less than a week and he was able to walk safely again without his walker. When regenerative cell treatment is administered to the damaged nerves in combination with other therapies, the improvement in pain, numbness, and sense of balance is often remarkable and long lasting.

The push in today’s environment is the enhancement of the immune system, control of inflammation, and increasing the cellular capacity to produce energy to enhance normal function and repair. New products are available for this exact purpose for clinical use for the treatment of moderate to severe cases of Covid-19. It is extremely exciting and will be used at Hiler’s Feel Amazing Institute as a wellness treatment which effectively modulates immune function, reduces inflammation, and enhances cellular function and repair. These are the types of things that excite us as we continue to associate and learn from some of the world leaders in regenerative medicine, physical medicine, and preventative medicine.

Dr. Richard Hiler and his medical team offer a complimentary telephone consultation. For questions or to schedule an appointment, the office can be reached at: 239.330.1000.

3031 Airport-Pulling Rd N., Naples