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Supplements, Books, Hair Mist & A Green Christmas

Hotel de Chimayo: Woven in Time and Tradition
The Meritage Resort – the Perfect Blend
Rest, Relaxation and Luxury at the Inn and Spa at Loretto

Dr. DianeSupplements:
Designs for Health Immunoberry Liquid
Research suggests that certain herbs, mushrooms and other natural  compounds  have  potential  antiviral  and  antibacterial ability. Research on compounds found in nature, and in ImmunoBerry™ Liquid, show improvement in an array of conditions such as influenza, respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, viral hepatitis, and various bacterial infections.  Great tasting and contains certified organic extractsof Astragalus, Wild Cherry Bark, Shiitake mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Elderberry, plus Beta 1,3 Glucan.  Boost your immune system for winter now!  Ask your healthcare practitioner for Designs for Health products or visit www.designsforhealth.com

Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

One of the few fictional authors I’ve read that truly understands life from a spiritual perspective who can write about it safely from a dog’s point of view. After reading this book, there will be no doubt in your mind that animals think, have feelings and are here to teach us about unconditional love and what life is really all about. And most importantly, that the relationship between soulmates, no matter what happens, never really comes to an end.

Personal Care
John Masters Organics Sea Mist
Love the way your hair looks after a day at the beach? Now you can have it all year long with this great sea salt spray with lavender. Spray on hair and get that extra body and wave. Essential oil of lavender protects hair from natural drying effects of sea salt.

EcoTips by Deb Percival
I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas Green Preparations
If you want to have a tree, a live tree isn’t great, but it’s ‘greener’ than a fake tree. (A balled tree is the best alternative.) When it’s time to ‘undeck’ the halls, as they say on earth911.com, recycle your trees and wreaths. Go to earth911.com for details.    


Send e-cards. Create a card yourself (or have your family pitch in), scan it, copy it into the body of an email, add a personal note to each person, and voila – fewer trees felled, time and money saved!

Skip store bought wrapping paper – it’s been estimated to use approximately 50,000 trees a year. Be creative. How about using outdated maps? Or the funny pages? Or a great looking ad from a magazine, if the gift is small. Or get a reusable tote, produce bag, etc., from www.reuseit.com.

Rather than recycling your empty plastic containers between now and the holidays, save them to fill with leftovers for your guests to take home. They won’t care if they say “Smart Start” or “Yogurt” on them!

Inspirational Message: “That which you manifest is before you.”  Garth Stein in “The Art of Racing in the Rain”.