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Astro Inklings: What’s Ahead for 2021

Astro Inklings: What’s Ahead for 2021

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Are you still shaking your head and brushing the dust off your shoulders asking, “Wasn’t that interesting?” as you recall 2020? With 2020 came the destruction of beliefs and value systems, the hoarding of toilet paper, and a quarantine to keep us safe. Now we arise out of the dust re-engaged. The slowing of the machines of our lives forced an inward look at our priorities. A glimpse into the year ahead indicates innovation and plenty of opportunity to use our intuition.

The planets have a plan for everyone. The gigantic gas filled balls overhead hold archetypal energies which we unconsciously pick up and integrate. Think back to 2020 when Saturn was in Aquarius for a while. Saturn rules boundaries and limitations, Aquarius rules groups of people. Quarantine, anyone? In December 2020, Saturn and Jupiter moved into the sign of Aquarius for a lengthy stay. The Age of Aquarius seems firmly upon us. Though astrologers surely disagree when this official age begins, there is no disagreeing about key aspects of the year ahead.

Here is a quick look at what to expect:
• Saturn (time/karma/boundaries) in Aquarius (freedom/innovation/individuality/humanitarian). How these two energies play together can vary. Check the timing of the innovations that will happen. Acknowledge lessons that come when you show up as authentically you. And “status quo or forward flow” is a question you can lean on.
• Jupiter (magnification/beliefs/hope) in Aquarius…An expansion of consciousness could be upon us and a bright, shiny future for humanity as well!
• Three Squares to Uranus (change/innovation) in Taurus (tangibles/values). Tension is created as we determine what we value physically and emotionally.
• Neptune (spirituality) moving to a sextile with Pluto (transformation). Creativity, spiritual awareness and physical manifestation hit a high note late in the year as we gain power in building a world we want to be in.
• The numerological “5” energy will be prevalent offering everyone the opportunity to show grace through going with the flow. (Easier said than done, right?)

Theme words to guide 2021 include:
Adjust. Balance. Co-create.

We will all need flexibility and versatility this year. You didn’t withstand lockdowns, mask wearing, and a multitude of restrictions only to shrink backward. Think about a tree. Trees of all varieties are able to bend and move with the wind without breaking. Trees, with their deep roots to ground them, tall and far reaching limbs that seem to sometimes slip into the ethers and touch heaven, are the best example demonstrating what our human selves could lean into this year.
It was that ancient rascal poet Rumi who claimed, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” The tree seems to personify this. It seems that 2021 is the perfect year to be the tree.

• Stay strong at your core like the tree’s trunk. Know what you stand for.
• Be flexible like the tree limbs. Bend when you should if it’s for the greater good.
• Let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. A tree doesn’t keep the leaves because they were once pretty. Be willing to let things fall away.

You are co-creating the new earth. It’s the last key word for the year ahead and it’s very Aquarian. Your thoughts create your reality. Your emotional enthusiasm for all that is goodly and Godly and right in this world when added to the quantum soup can bring forth incredible gifts. We’ll share those gifts one day, even if it isn’t until 2022.

Tam Veilleux, is the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac, an annual publication with weekly astrology predictions. Transformational coaching by day, astrologer by night, follow her social media accounts for more visual chatter on the alchemy and strategy of creating change.

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