A Revolutionary New Way to Eliminate Pain and Balance the Body

A Revolutionary New Way to Eliminate Pain and Balance the Body

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mindy DiPietro, owner of Aesthetic Treatment Center, to discuss the fascinating field of bioenergetics and the extraordinary new technology called the NES Bioenergetic System. She is the first practitioner to bring this technology to Naples, and I was excited to be one of her first clients to have an assessment and experience a treatment in her center. For months, I’d been having some moderate knee pain after walking or sitting for long periods that I had assumed was due to tight hamstrings and lack of stretching. With just one treatment, the pain in the back of my knee was eliminated within 24 hours! I was blown away by the results and excited to learn more about this ancient but truly revolutionary technology.

We Are All Made of Energy
Acupuncture, massage, and homeopathy practitioners recognize and operate on the basis of an energy system and the way energy and fields flow through your body. This is not a new science—Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) labeled twelve energy pathways, called meridians, within our bodies.

If you look at both your body and the cells contained therein, you’ll see that your cells are constantly exchanging energy with all of the other tissues and systems in the body. Your body is exchanging energy internally as well as with your external environment. The food you eat is a source of energy. When you walk around and move, that is an exchange of energy. You go outside and absorb energy from the sun and nature. You might take your shoes off and walk on the ground and receive energy from the earth. Even though it can’t be seen, this constant exchange of energy both within your body and through external sources is happening every second of every day.

What Is Bioenergetics?
Bioenergetics examines the dynamics of energy exchange within living systems. It is the study of this energy system and how it can affect your biology. For too long, there’s been a disconnect between the worlds of physics and biology. This is because of a strong focus on biochemistry, or the chemical processes of the body.

Nutrition, for instance, generally focuses on how nutrients operate in the body at a molecular level. A nutritionist will determine how much vitamin C or magnesium you need and will tell you that an imbalance in your body’s chemicals or enzymes are responsible for changes within the body. Rarely do we consider nutrition from the standpoint of the energy makeup of each nutrient and the fields generated by that energy, although this is how bioenergetics would look at it.

Times are changing. We now have the technology to observe energetic effects within the body. We know more about the energetics of water and how it interacts with everything the body does and is. We understand more about how we capture light energy and how it both energizes and informs life. We already use the principles of physics with much of our medical equipment—for example, the electroencephalogram (EEG) detects electrical activity in the brain and the ECG that detects that of the heart.

What science is continually finding is what the ancients already knew. Bioenergetics is the natural meeting point of the past and the future, leading the way in our thinking about medicine and health. So long as energy is flowing freely through your organs and systems, you remain healthy. By tracking the flow of energy, it’s possible to find areas of the body that can use some support via acupuncture, herbs, teas, or other interventions.

The Discovery of Bioenergetics
One of the founders of bioenergetics, Peter Fraser, began investigating the human body and reached a similar conclusion to that of TCM. He then took what the ancients knew and combined it with physics, taking bioenergetics to the absolute edge of science.

Peter Fraser made two very important discoveries:

  1. There are small levels of electromagnetic fields throughout the body.
  2. Information can be instantaneously passed through your body for cross-communication.

When you have an energy field, you can both detect it and correct it. By looking at the body through this lens of energy instead of biochemistry, it allows a much broader viewpoint and aspect of how we can support health.

How Does the NES Bioenergetic System Work?
In a way, the bioenergetic system mimics nature. It is not prioritizing areas that need fixing so much as looking at the best way to support the body as a whole. In this way, we are digging down to the root cause of pain, illness, or any dysfunction in the body. The system involves a three-pronged approach: a bioenergetic scan for wellness assessments, a handheld bioelectric technology, and liquid remedies for supporting a rapid return to better health.

First, the client takes a bioenergetic scan that measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy and instantly identifies where the body needs support. The scan analyzes how well energy is being driven through the major organ and system networks in your body. All the activity in the body, such as all its chemical reactions, nerve impulses, the generation of heat or of sound, and the physical movement and flow in the tissues also generates energy. The scan evaluates how well organs and systems are functioning in relation to energy.

I was astounded to see that my scan showed a blockage or sluggishness of energy around my liver. In fact, about 20 years ago, I had unusually high liver enzymes. It was determined after many tests that a type of birth control I’d been using was causing it. The scan also showed that my polarity field was disrupted. Frequent travel can knock polarity off kilter—especially flying, where our exposure to radiation and electromagnetic fields soars, not just on the plane but also within the airport. In fact, I had just flown four times over the two weeks prior to taking the scan!

Second, the practitioner may use the NES miHealth, which combines SCENAR (with biofeedback), PEMF, and global scaling with proprietary biosignals to support the body’s energy flow. This is the device Mindy used on my knee. With a conventional approach, a doctor might look at drugs or supplements that directly support the joints. But with bioenergetic software, you may find an issue related to what we call the “vertical axis,” a field generated by the Earth’s gravity that can affect the bones, joints, and muscles. This is to consider the various ways things interconnect in the body and its environment.

Third, the practitioner can recommend proprietary liquid remedies, called NES Infoceuticals, which correct information in the body’s control system to support its self-restoring abilities.

It was refreshing to me to see a technology that truly works with the body’s energy systems and observes energetic effects within the body. Life starts with information, which guides energy, which becomes organized matter. This technology, therapies, and philosophy take all of these into account, to measure and correct fields that drive physiology and encourage lifestyle choices that support good health.

Mindy DiPietro has been CEO at Aesthetic Treatment Centers, where she led the development and execution of the spa’s business strategy and ever-growing vision. She is now the first practitioner to bring the NES Health System to Naples. She utilizes this innovative technology and nutritional support to naturally increase your quality of life. Mindy guides you to reestablish trust in your body and helps you to unlock your body’s natural healing abilities. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, Mindy DiPietro began her career as a speech and language pathologist in the Collier County public school system, where she worked closely with her patients to analyze, identify, treat and help prevent communication disorders.