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A Fascinating Journey into Numerology and Healing

A Fascinating Journey into Numerology and Healing

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From ancient times, each day of the week has been associated with a planet. The day you were born gives you a special link with the planetary ruler of that day. I was born on a Thursday, which represents Jupiter. Jupiter is the God of the skies and represents everything that is spacious and inclusive; strengths of those born on Thursday are generosity, wisdom, and zest for life.

Through ancient wisdoms, numerology can derive a wealth of information about a person based on birth name and birthdate. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Zahid Hossain to discuss numerology and astrology and have an Astro-Palmistry reading.

Zahid was born into a noble Bengali/Indian family of Nawabs and several generations of famous healers, astrologers, and palmists. Zahid showed signs of having inherited his forefathers’ intuitive metaphysical abilities early in life, when he gave his first intuitive reading at the age of eight for a young police officer in his father’s precinct. All that he predicted came true.

Fast forward many years. The intense pressure of a corporate position caused Zahid to have three heart attacks, and his final wake-up call came when he had a near-death experience in the surgery required by his last heart attack. His guiding spirits made it clear to him he was to return and complete his life’s mission.

My session with Zahid was probably the most accurate reading I have had in my entire life. The amount of information he gave me was incredible, so I’ve tried to condense the things that stood out for me in terms of what I felt truly resonated (not to say other information was not accurate; however, some of it was predicted for my later years).

Life Path Number
My birthdate is 2/8/1968, so my Life Path total is 7 (2+8+1+9+6+8=34; 3+4=7). The number 7 means my destiny lies with the mental and spiritual; the path of study and the search for life’s meaning. I couldn’t agree more, considering I pursued a PhD and have an obsession with studying metaphysics and spirituality. Zahid told me a certain degree of solitude is necessary for my development. Again, spot on—I’ve gone on silent retreats and I can always tell when my soul needs alone time.

Birth Name Number
The analysis of my name was really fascinating, as Zahid explained vowel and consonant totals that correspond to what motivates me, how I relate to others, and what I want out of life. My vowel total is 5, which means I desire personal freedom and the chance to do new things. I’m often bored with routines and love travel because of the change of scenery and situations. Yup—hit the nail on the head there too! I started my own business because the most important thing to me was the ability to have freedom in my work (when and where I work). I’ve lived in many different places (Los Angeles, NYC, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland), and travel…well, don’t get me started. I still have much to do, but I’ve been all over the US, Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean, and did a two-month cross country trip in the west.

My consonant total is 11, and I’m shaking my head again because this number has followed me my entire life. I was born at 8:11, got married on May 11, more often than not my hotel room is number 11 or adds up to 11, I see 11:11 or 1:11 on the clock almost daily…it never ends. The number 11 means that I am an incredible visionary—I can dream of creating a revolutionary new way of life and have visions that many can’t comprehend. I’m pretty good at manifesting these things, too. When I was growing up, my mother would always call me a dreamer because of my wild imagination.

My power number (the total of my name and birthdate) is 5. The number 5 signifies a life of freedom, variety, and change. Always open to new experiences, I seek out the curious and unusual—yes, you can find me on a ghost tour in any given city or chasing UFOs in Sedona. I am unconventional, unpredictable, full of surprises, and excel at doing the unexpected. Ask my friends: I’m the one to show up at the door on Halloween in full costume and makeup, toting a pre-made cocktail to share. Or I’m planning a bar crawl with games we have to play or dares to complete to win a prize.

Life Challenges
Zahid told me about the challenges I will meet in my life and when to expect them. My first minor challenge number is 6, which usually crops up before age 30. The number 6 means I had to shoulder responsibility beyond my years. My father passed away when I was only 27, and I had to help my mother with many things while also dealing with that grief.

My second minor challenge number is 2, which relates to aspects of my character I need to work on between ages 35 and 62. With a 2, the task is to develop confidence in myself and build a thicker skin so I can hold my own in relationships with others, and my extreme sensitivity can make me shy away from difficult situations in my personal relationships. I totally agree with both these statements. One of the reasons I pursued a PhD was because I always felt I had to prove my intelligence to people. And I definitely do not like conflict in my relationships—I want everything to just run smoothly. Got some more work to do on that!

Personal Numbers for 2021
Zahid also focused on my personal numbers for the year—a combination of my month and day of birth and the current year, 2021. So, adding 2+8+2+0+2+1=15; 1+5=6. In a 6 personal year, relationships are a major focus and some adjustments may need to be made. It is time to direct energies toward home, family, and friends. Though some responsibilities may be heavy, meeting them wholeheartedly can add immense emotional richness to life. I’ll have to keep you all posted on how this plays out!

Zahid also practices a system that combines Astrology with the perfect place for you to live. I was really curious about this, as I feel like I’ve been searching for that forever. Based on your sign and chart, specific places in the world will be more advantageous for love, career, and health. He told me the central coast of California, Ireland, France, and believe it or not, parts of Africa would be the best locations for me!

Did you know that you carry a coded blueprint of your life on your palm? Zahid’s intuitive ability combined with a mastery of palmistry unlocks this code to uncover your capabilities, talents, potential, and strengths. One fascinating thing Zahid told me from my palm reading was that I was going to write a book—yes, that’s always been in the back of my mind. In fact, I actually have two or three outlines for possible books that I’ve been working on over the years. I’ve always felt like I didn’t know enough or have enough wisdom to write a spiritual self-help book (there’s that lack of self-confidence again!), but Zahid told me that I need to write about my life experiences and how I overcame struggles such as losing a parent at a young age, getting divorced, failing a dissertation defense, and becoming an entrepreneur. I better get to work!

Healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Body
I also had the pleasure of having a healing session with Zahid’s wife, Bunny. It was one of the most loving, healing energy experiences I have ever had. Bunny’s style of healing uses many crystals under the table and on your body and focuses on healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual energy centers in the body. The Physical encompasses injury, trauma, and disease; the Emotional encompasses feelings, emotions, and emotional trauma; the Mental encompasses thoughts, ideas, and limiting beliefs; and the Spiritual encompasses soul lessons, past-life, and inherited trauma.

Before my healing, she used a pendulum to measure the flow of energy in each of the energy centers. I was blocked specifically in my throat, heart, liver, neck, and spleen, as well as the sacral and root chakras. This means in past lives or in this life, I’ve experienced the following:

  • Throat: suppressed creative expression/limitations
  • Heart: sadness/feelings of unworthiness/abandonment
  • Liver: resentment
  • Neck: threats/no protection
  • Spleen: anger/guilt
  • Sacral: disempowerment
  • Root: anxiety/fear of next steps

I could absolutely relate to many of these experiences. Losing my father at a young age and having to be the support for my mother left me feeling unprotected and abandoned. I can also remember those feelings as a child—I was extremely curious and when I was about 4 years old, I had wandered away from my mother in a store to explore. When I went back to where I thought she was, she was gone. She happened to be in the next aisle, but I remember feeling terrified and alone.

Even though I started my own business and have taken risks many people would never take, I still have some fear of the future and being successful. For some reason, it’s always been hard for me to trust that I’m making the right decisions. Many times, I look to others and make decisions based on their opinions—which as you can probably guess never works out!

I have had to work through a lot of anger and resentment in relationships with family, friends, and significant others. I tend to attract people that want to control me and if I allow it, I feel a deep resentment toward that person. After my healing, I felt a deep sense of relief, lightness, and joy. I felt more confident in trusting my own intuition and inner guidance to make decisions. I am truly impressed by Zahid’s readings and Bunny’s healing, and thankful I was able to work with them to better understand myself and my life’s path.

Zahid and Bunny Hossain live and practice in Sarasota, FL.
For more information, visit: www.ehinstitute.com or call 941.870.4133.