7 Clues That You Knew Your Partner in a Past Life

7 Clues That You Knew Your Partner in a Past Life

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Could it be possible that love survives and crosses over from one lifetime to the next? If you believe in reincarnation and coming back to earth as your soul grows and learns, then this concept is completely possible.

How do you know if you’ve been together with your partner in the past? There are a number of clues that help you identify your soul connection. When they start adding up, you’re likely with someone you’ve shared at least one past life with.

Think about your partner and ask yourself if any of these options apply to your relationship. You may be surprised at what you discover!

  1. Something Felt Familiar – When you met your partner, there was something familiar about them. Maybe you wondered if you knew the person from somewhere but couldn’t quite recall. This is definitely a sign of soul recognition.
  2. Intrigued by History – You’re both fascinated by a similar period in history. Maybe you love Elizabethan England, have seen the movie The Last Samurai several times, or feel drawn to ancient Rome. Perhaps you were a couple during the time period that holds your attention.
  3. Felt Immediately Comfortable – Thinking back to your first date, how did it feel? If you felt at ease and more comfortable than normal, there’s a good chance you’ve a shared past.
  4. Enjoy the Same Cuisine or Cultures – Do you love the same kind of foods? Maybe you delight in French cuisine or can’t get enough sushi. Or you adore spicy foods and seek out Mexican restaurants wherever you go. Oh yeah, that’s a big give away you were both there before.
  5. Experienced Déjà vu – Everyone has had a sense of déjà vu at some point in your life. But if that was when you first met, that’s a definite clue of being linked romantically. Déjà vu is that sense you’ve been somewhere before or in the same situation, like it’s being repeated. Bingo – that is a surefire sign of a past life together.
  6. Shared Interests or Hobbies – How is it possible you both love playing poker, skiing in Colorado, or working in the garden? Maybe you’re both film fans, studied the same spiritual practice, or participate in similar volunteer work. This is not just coincidence, it’s a sign of something that brought you together again.
  7. Dream about Your Partner – Early on in dating, you dreamt about your partner, even though they didn’t look as they do today. That’s what happened for me. Our first night together, I had a dream that we had been married in a Celtic village around the year 600 AD. Believe it or not, I knew it was Paul immediately when I awoke and took that as a wonderful sign that finally, I had met “The One”. Turned out to be true for us!

The short list above is only a sampling of the hints that can tip you off about being together more than once. Learning about your past lives is not only for the sake of curiosity, it can be a way to heal your heart and your relationships. When you have a past life reading, you will learn the root cause of particular situations and discover what is behind any difficulties so you can release it.

Exploring possible past lives could be a fun and creative dinner conversation. This month, as you celebrate Valentine’s Day, enjoy a conversation about your past lives to uncover your deeper history, soul connection and why you have come back together again.

Ronnie Ann Ryan is a Love and Magical Life Coach who has helped 1000s women find lasting love or live an empowered and magical life. She also offers Past Life Readings by accessing the Akashic Records.

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