Is Your Body Older Than Your Mind?

Is Your Body Older Than Your Mind?

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Here we are again at the beginning of a new year. 2023 has come and gone, and 2024 is here, ready to hand us some harsh reality. Every year, I get calls from new potential clients after they injure themselves due to some aspirational New Year’s resolution. One of the most common things I hear on our very first phone call is something along the lines of “My mind is willing and able, but my body says absolutely not.” 

What Does Old Really Mean?
Most people think you just wake up one day and you’re all of a sudden “old.” Those people usually blame aches and pains on the aging process or bad genetics. This makes people feel better about themselves and how physically limited they are now – because it’s due to genetics or it’s “just what happens when you get old” – then it’s not their fault. This is one of the most camouflaged versions of the victim mindset in America. This mindset is confirmed by the countless commercials in our media, which normalizes pain pills and joint replacements. 

Think about it: How harmless is it to simply pop a couple of over-the-counter pain pills a day to ease your back or knee pain and not think anything of it? Or why not just buy a Copper Fit back or knee brace? That will ease the pain and, even better, will likely get you some sympathy because now other people can visually see that you’re in pain! I’m saying this slightly tongue and cheek, but I’m actually dead serious. 

And don’t even get me started on knee and hip replacements! Nowadays, orthopedic surgeons are handing those out like candy on Halloween! And what’s even worse is that you, the patient, don’t even question it! Again, because it’s “a normal part of getting old” or because you know so many friends and family members who have already had a joint replacement. But the harsh reality is that only about 10% of people who are getting knee and hip replacements this week actually need those replacements right now.

Are We Old…Or Just Weak?
With all that said, I’m going to tell you something that is very frowned upon in America… All non-traumatic joint pain is due to weakness. Said differently, if you have knee pain, hip pain, or even back pain that was not caused by an accident or trauma, there’s a 95% likelihood that your pain’s true root cause is due to muscle weakness. I only say 95% and not 100% because, of course, there are going to be those outliers and special conditions that don’t fit with what I’m about to say. 

Non-traumatic joint pain (or pain that “just happened” one day) occurs because something is being overworked and underpaid. Take the knee and back, for example. The number-one most common cause of knee and back pain is glute weakness – not herniated discs in your back or bone-on-bone in your knee! I hope that last sentence really makes some of you mad…

Let me explain: You have bone-on-bone in your knee joint because your glutes are not doing their job. Because of that, there is increased stress on the knee joint itself, which causes it to degenerate. The same is true for your back. Because your glutes are not doing their job, there is increased stress placed on your spine and discs, which causes them to herniate – so the most common diagnosis we see in my Naples Physical Therapy office is “Weak Ass Syndrome”!

Before Opting for Surgery, Make a Simple Call
Now, I know some of you reading this right now are shaking your heads and saying I have no idea what I’m talking about because your X-ray or MRI says “X, Y, Z,” and that’s fine. You can keep your head in the sand and take your orthopedic surgeon’s word like gospel if you like. The harsh (there’s that word again) reality is that hundreds of other people just like you in Naples are discovering that there’s another way! Hundreds of other people just like you are learning that original parts are best and that just because your X-ray or MRI is not favorable doesn’t mean that they should risk a dangerous surgery followed by a subpar rehab from the “Cookie Cutters R Us” physical therapist that your surgeon sends you to for PT. 

I’ll leave you with this thought: Do you think I’m full of BS? Or do you think I may be onto something here, and maybe, just maybe, it might be worth a quick phone call with me to find out more? The ball is now in your court!

Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist and the owner of Berman Physical Therapy, where they focus on treating the actual problem causing your symptoms (pain) to help you avoid taking pain pills and dangerous surgeries. So, if you’re tired of feeling “old” and you are looking for another way to keep active and mobile, call Dr. Berman at 239.431.0232 to take advantage of a FREE 30-minute taster session!